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Protein Poppers were developed to fill a void in healthy snacks with salty, flavorful goodness in a "grab and go bag." We aimed to help redefine what healthy alternatives to "junk food" should be and create a product that can be part of a healthier lifestyle.

Introducing "Protein Poppers"

Chips, cheese puffs and other delicious snack items might taste great, but they don't fit seamlessly into most people's diets. Low Carb, Low Fat foods are great options for those watching calories, but a lot of options have lackluster taste and texture. Protein Poppers were created to keep fats and carbs low while satisfying even the biggest snack cravings.  

Available in Cheddar, Sriracha Lime and Birthday Cake flavors.

Contact: sales@104salesgroup.com or Call +1-786-701-4699 to enquire about Protein Poppers for your store.