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Brand Development

104 Sales Group builds brand recognition for items that we see a great potential in the retail arena. With the experience of the company in retail sales, sourcing, manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics and brand development, 104 Sales group has all the facilities for great product development.

Sales Success

104 Sales Group is a premier sales organization with proven track record selling to national and regional retailers and most of the nation’s largest distributors. 

Principals of 104 Sales Group have successfully developed products in the beverage industry, food category and novelty specialties.  Specifics can be discussed with any interested parties but would require too much space for the website. Selling to multiple channels and store categories 104 Sales Group actively sells to over 350,000 stores. Click here to see a sampling of the vast array of businesses that we've partnered for success with.


We have 30 years of experience dealing with most of the nation's largest distributors and servicing retailers through DSD and Distribution Channel Management.


104 Sales Group has a sales staff and management team that will carefully evaluate any consulting requests.  104 Sales Group will selectively choose contracts where they are confident they can improve the clients bottom line and sales/distribution performance.

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Featured Successes


We're Proud to Introduce Our Latest Success Story!

The Clik Ring Story...

This trademarked novelty item represents the newest product in the 104 Sales Group display case.  It is a wonderful adaptation of Bluetooth technology for use by virtually every person above 10 years old.  It allows a camera on any phone to be remotely operated from up to 30 feet so that the owner can be included in family pictures, vacation and special holiday picture and even training films.  It is the logical next generation of the selfie sticks that a partner of 104 Sales Group developed 10 years ago.

The Pure Sun Sanitizer Story...

The Pure Sun brand is wholly owned by 104 Sales Group and is produced meeting the rigid requirements of the FDA and CDC. 

The Pure Sun brand is produced in many ways from gallon bottles through to 2oz clip and go sprays with many options in between.  It is sold through America's premier retailers and distributed by some of the largest distributors of America.

Coming Soon!

The Protein Poppers Story...

Check Out Our Clik Ring

TV Commercial


Meet Our Team

Doug Stuart, President

Extensive knowledge of brand management, branded & sales distribution, developing and managing many diverse distribution systems. Doug delivers over twenty years of leadership expertise working with two of the largest soft drink companies in the United States, Independent companies and International sales.


Executive Vice President, Pro Balance Inc.


Pepsi-Cola General Manager

Director for Southeast Atlantic Beverage


Doug supported beverage sales of Canada Dry, 7-UP, Sunkist, Snapple, SOBE Beverage, Nantucket Nectars and Vitamin Water to name a few.

Traveling throughout the United States and Caribbean, Doug developed a strong understanding and relationship with many of the USA and International distributors and retailers.

In one year Doug drove a brand from a few accounts to over 35,000 national retailers.


Doug set up and built close relationships with many large contract manufacturers throughout the USA and International. 


Doug spearheaded the development and execution of a novelty brand division.

Chuck Yeiser, CFO

Chuck is a seasoned veteran of business.  He has worn many hats during his career.  He started in marketing/advertising for McDonald's corporation in Chicago. He handled many markets throughout the Eastern half of the U.S.  He also served as a consultant for stores not meeting the goals as set by McDonald's corporation.  After 18 years he left as a V.P. in the Florida markets. 


Chuck went on to acquire 10 Arthur Treacher's restaurants in Florida which he then sold to a German investment group.  Chuck then started a consulting firm and worked with a variety of clients in diverse industries like medical practices, heavy truck manufacturing and food service.  


In 2013 Chuck and Doug started the first of several business partnerships leading to 104 Sales Group, Inc.

Patricia Brown,
Sales Development

104 Sales Group, LLC


Mark Swanson,
Freight & Logistics

104 Sales Group, LLC


Wendi Folkersen,

104 Sales Group, LLC


Taylor Stuart,
Social Media Specialist

104 Sales Group,LLC


Summer Silberhorn,
Office Manager

104 Sales Group, LLC


Brian Maloney
Design & Marketing

104 Sales Group, LLC


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