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Product Development,
Sales & Distribution

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What We Do...

Our Services

Product Distribution

Connect with us to help you open larger channels of distribution through our extensive retail & distributor relationships. We have 30 years of experience dealing with most of the nation's largest distributors and servicing retailers through DSD and Distribution Channel Management.

Brand Development

104 Sales Group builds brand recognition for items that we see a great potential in the retail arena. With the experience of the company in retail sales, sourcing, manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics and brand development, 104 Sales group has all the ingredients for successful product development.

Sales Success

104 Sales Group is a premier sales organization with proven track record selling to national and regional retailers and most of the nation’s largest distributors. 

Principals of 104 Sales Group have successfully developed products in the beverage industry, food category and novelty specialties.  Selling to multiple channels and store categories 104 Sales Group actively sells to over 350,000 stores. 


60 plus years of business savvy will assist our clients in reaching mutually determined outcomes. Start-ups through mature companies will benefit. 

Featured Successes


Our healthy snack alternative. All natural ingredients. Gluten free, non GMO, Kosher & vegan in 4 great flavors

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The Protein Poppers Story...

Many business travelers and “road warriors” will tell you that it’s not easy to eat healthy during constant travel. We don’t have the luxury of long stops and leisurely meals. We need a quick snack to keep us going and hold us over until we can stop. The easiest thing to do is to pull into a convenience store and grab something quick. My “go-to” snack was usually beef jerky. I’d convince myself that I was a least getting a little protein. As someone with an extensive food and beverage background, I knew there had to be a better option. I’m Doug Stuart, founding partner of 104 Sales Group, and I decided to direct our company to create a healthy snack product that could become the new go-to snack for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.

I started by researching Neilson and other resources about snack trends. I was not surprised that salty snacks (potato chips, etc.) were, by far, the top sales category. Further research indicated a substantial growth in demand for snacks that contained protein and were gluten-free. We learned that people had no desire to give up salty snacks; they were looking for healthier alternatives. This demand is proliferating, as is the passion for more healthy ingredients and designations. Designations such as Non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher are in demand. Consumers are looking for natural ingredients that are dairy-free and non-allergenic. I saw a tremendous opportunity to create a product serving this emerging growth category.

The goal was to create a healthy snack. To have an impact and produce a great-selling product, we must go beyond the minimum requirements to be designated “healthy.” After a few more months of research and development, Protein Poppers were born. Launched in late 2018, Protein Poppers quickly gained traction that was brought to a halt by the COVID outbreak and shutdowns. I was discouraged but not willing to give up! I knew that we had a winner.

The delay gave us time to refine our product further. We updated graphics and packaging and launched our website. Further delays at the original production facility led me to search all over the country for another factory. This search led me to one of the finest snack manufacturers in the USA, Snack Innovations. This modern, up-to-date facility is ready to meet our current and future demands. Their people have extensive knowledge and experience in the healthy snack category.

Our goal is to produce the healthiest protein snack on the shelf.  Having a new, relatively unknown product, we knew we had to offer more. We worked with scientists and our manufacturer to develop a crispy, delicious-tasting product with all-natural ingredients. We’re proud of our Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher designations! We take comfort in knowing that our product is non-allergenic and ideal for serving at all gatherings.

The setbacks and additional learning have helped fuel an unbelievable year of success in signing new distributors and retailers. I’m excited to start 2023 and make Protein Poppers a household name.

The Remote Control Ring for  your device's camera

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The Snap Away Story...

This trademarked novelty item represents the newest product in the 104 Sales Group display case.  It is a wonderful adaptation of Bluetooth technology for use by virtually every person above 10 years old.  It allows a camera on any phone to be remotely operated from up to 30 feet so that the owner can be included in family pictures, vacation and special holiday picture and even training films.  It is the logical next generation of the selfie sticks that a partner of 104 Sales Group developed 10 years ago.

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Featured Successes
Product Catalog
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Meet with Us

  • Accomplished, Knowledgeable Leadership

  • Brand Development Specialists

  • Long Lasting Relationships with Major Retailers & Distributors

  • Experienced with internet sales & marketing

Specifics can be discussed with any interested parties but would require too much space for the website.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Doug Stuart, President

Extensive knowledge of brand management, branded & sales distribution, developing and managing many diverse distribution systems. Doug delivers over twenty years of leadership expertise working with two of the largest soft drink companies in the United States, Independent companies and International sales.


Pepsi-Cola General Manager

Director for Southeast Atlantic Beverage


Doug supported beverage sales of Canada Dry, 7-UP, Sunkist, Snapple, SOBE Beverage, Nantucket Nectars and Vitamin Water to name a few.

Traveling throughout the United States and Caribbean, Doug developed a strong understanding and relationship with many of the USA and International distributors and retailers.

In one year Doug drove a brand from a few accounts to over 35,000 national retailers.


Doug set up and built close relationships with many large contract manufacturers throughout the USA and International. 


Doug spearheaded the development and execution of a novelty brand division.

Chuck Yeiser, CFO 104 Sales Group.png

Chuck Yeiser, CFO

Chuck is a seasoned veteran of business.  He has worn many hats during his career.  He started in marketing/advertising for McDonald's corporation in Chicago. He handled many markets throughout the Eastern half of the U.S.  He also served as a consultant for stores not meeting the goals as set by McDonald's corporation.  After 18 years he left as a V.P. in the Florida markets. 


Chuck went on to acquire 10 Arthur Treacher's restaurants in Florida which he then sold to a German investment group.  Chuck then started a consulting firm and worked with a variety of clients in diverse industries like medical practices, heavy truck manufacturing and food service.  


In 2013 Chuck and Doug started the first of several business partnerships leading to 104 Sales Group, Inc.

Bob Bernstein
Vice President - Sales

104 Sales Group, Inc.


Mark Swanson,
Freight & Logistics

104 Sales Group, Inc.


Patricia Brown,
Sales Development

104 Sales Group, Inc.


Wendi Folkersen,

104 Sales Group, Inc.


Taylor Stuart,
Social Media Specialist

Brian Maloney
Design & Marketing

104 Sales Group, Inc.


104 Sales Group, Inc.


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